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The latest news directly from Iceland

Read it here first! Camper Iceland is on the lookout for information on all media pages. Even if we find news in Icelandic we aim to translate it as soon as possible and post it.

Volcano continues to be active

Þorvaldur Þórðarson, professor of volcanology at the University of Iceland, says there is no indication that the eruption in Geldingadalur is coming to an end, even though the visible lava flow is changing. The lava has now become rock lava, which insulates much...

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Dear Friends of Camper Iceland We have had the craziest two years since we started! As many of you know our fleet reached over 180 vehicles during the "boom". Would you believe that we sold 150 vehicles since COVID-19? Not to worry, we also bought newer vehicles....

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The sunniest beginning of May since the beginning

From the beginning of measurements, there have never been as many hours of sunshine in Reykjavík in the first nine days of May as now. This is what meteorologist Trausti Jónsson informs. Sunshine hours in Reykjavík were 210.6 in May last year, which was 18.6 hours...

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Volcano is now twice as powerful

The total flow of lava from all the craters of the eruption sites in and around Geldingadalur was about eight cubic meters per second in the past 24 hours. This is shown by the results of geoscientists based on data obtained by flight at noon today. Aerial photographs...

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Third Volcano in Iceland

Technically it's still the same Volcano. However, the third crack opened at midnight between the two "Volcanoes" in Reykjanes, according to Einar Hjörleifsson, a nature conservation expert at the Icelandic Meteorological Office. The new fissure opened directly in...

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Second Volcano Erupted

While tourists and locals are visiting the Volcano another volcano erupts. Local authorities have closed down the site and are trying to get people away from the scene. A helicopter from the special forces is on the way to assist. The new volcano erupted just minutes...

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Volcano – Fagrahraun in Iceland

First earthquake: 24th of February Total earthquakes before eruption: ca. 40.000 5,7 m3/sec so far over 1.800.000 m3 of LAVA 22 meters -thickness and 9.5 meter with of lava flowIcelanders love to visit the volcano. According to local news there have never been as many...

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40 people that visited the volcano needed assistance!

Almost 40 people in different conditions received help from a first aid center that the Red Cross opened at the local School in Grindavik (Hópsskóli Grindavík) last night. One was transported by ambulance from the station due to injury. No one was in danger, according...

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What kind of LAVA is it?

"This is a relatively primitive basalt and different from what occurred in fissure eruptions on the Reykjanes peninsula on 9-13. Century. It looks a bit like a mound of eruptions in older mounds on the peninsula, "says dr. Guðmundur Heiðar Guðfinnsson, geologist at...

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Visit the Volcano – like Icelanders do

Perhaps you read about our 15% discount a week ago. All you have to do is enter the promo code VOLCANO into our booking engine. get the latest news, live cameras and discounts on our VOLCANO PAGE. News from Iceland: "The eruption is a great spectacle and although the...

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Experts from the Institute of Earth Sciences flew Isavia's plane over the earthquakes at Fagradalsfjall tonight in order to locate the eruption sites. An announcement from the institute states that the eruption fissure is 0.5-1 kilometers long. It has previously been...

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Earthquake continue

Yesterday we wrote that the earthquakes have almost stopped. Today it's back on! The earthquake specialist predicted in our last post, that the earthquakes could continue. It seems he was right because today at 04:30 AM Icelandic time the earth shook (3.4 Richter...

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Hopes for Volcano are almost gone

According to local news the earthquakes have almost stopped and the magma flow has decreased heavily. There is still a small movement that will be monitored. The geological specialist Halldor Geirsson states: "It is still neccessary to monitor the situation and there...

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Reporters have arrived & volcano discount

The first reporters have arrived in Iceland and the Helicopter companies are getting ready to offer flights over the volcano. Just to be clear, the volcano has not erupted yet but the likes of one starting soon are great. What are you waiting for? Camper Iceland is...

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Earthquake Video

Check this out! The video was taken by the security cam of the local rescue officials. Stay tuned for more information here: https://www.campericeland.is/volcano-news/ Source: mbl.is

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Volcano News Link on Camper Iceland

Dear friends of Camper Iceland We just added a link to our webpage to access the latest news in regard to the earthquakes and possible Volcano. Camper Iceland is following the Icelandic news, and we translate important news as soon as possible. Many customers want to...

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Earthquake 5.4 Richter – Is this the beginning

Many customers have contacted us lately and asked when will the volcano finally erupt. Even though the COVID restrictions are still in place people want to see the volcano as soon as it erupts. The earthquake that took place 14:15 today is one more sign that it could...

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34000 earthquakes so far

So far we have had over 34.000 earthquakes since they started on the 24th of February. According to local officials that is more than all of 2020, even though last year was considered high in earthquakes! Another comparison is the year 2019 with 3.400 earthquakes. In...

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