Dear Friends of Camper Iceland

We have had the craziest two years since we started! As many of you know our fleet reached over 180 vehicles during the “boom”. Would you believe that we sold 150 vehicles since COVID-19? Not to worry, we also bought newer vehicles. However, our company basically changed from being the market leader in Motor Home and Camper rental to becoming a car dealership. Now that the rental business seems to go up, we decided to go ahead and create a new product.

Introducing the brand-new category


In 2009 Camper Iceland revolutionized the 4×4 Camper business by being the first company in Iceland to offer hard side campers for rent. So far only pop up campers were available. These campers had a high weight point that made the vehicle shake more. At the same time the camper was in fact heavier due to the pop-up mechanism being so heavy. The tent-like sides could not last 5 rentals before they were mouldy. Camper Iceland said: “Enough is enough!” and ever since, we have not rented pop-ups no more.

Ever since we worked with two US brands and imported over 50 campers over the past years. Because we were not happy with the product we used our 20 years of experience to create our own camper. During the test phase we met a German company that has the same experience on the market and went ahead and also built their own camper. We were really excited and decided to team up.

We were looking for a well-built camper that would not break down and be simple to operate. Furthermore, we wanted to use smaller trucks that are more economic but still have the same size of camper.

Why you should travel now

Our customers that are traveling wight now report empty sites. At the same time we have a tourist volcano that you can visit. Both these rock hard selling points are not guaranteed for the upcoming season of 2022. Thanks to the good progress of vaccination Iceland has not had lower restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic. So what are you waiting for? 


Here it is, the brand-new camper, that you could be traveling with:


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For more details, feel free to navigate to Thor’s page. Learn about the size and other technical details.