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Follow the weather

The biggest advantage of a camper and motor home is that you can follow the good weather. A common situation in Iceland is that if it’s sunny in the south it rains in the north and the other way around. Follow the sun…

Save money

Restaurants in Iceland are quite expensive but there is a solution. Rent a motor home or 4×4 camper and cook inside the vehicle. Shop at the local super markets and save money.

Enjoy the evening

During the summer the sun hardly sets in Iceland. You can stay at the hot spots and enjoy a self-made dinner instead of checking into a hotel. The camp sites never close and are accessible.

Family friendly

There is nothing like a family vacation in a motor home. Your kids will love being close to you and enjoying being close to you. Visit a swimming pool daily and relax in our famous hot pot found in every village.

Hunt for light

In the end of the summer the northern lights start to dance on the skies. The best way to wait for them is inside your 4×4 camper or motor home. Heat some coffee and wait for the spectacle to begin.

Unpack once

We look forward to meeting you at our rental station. Once we have instructed you on the use of the vehicle you can unpack your luggage and leave the bags in our storage. No more unpacking and packing during the trip.

Stay flexible

Sometimes you find places in your life where you wish to stay longer than one night. If you find such a place in Iceland stay there and enjoy. You can always catch up to your route plan later.

Take your time

Iceland is all about nature and exploring. We recommend driving max. 200Km per day (125 Miles). The rest of the day is filled with exploring or walking to the hot spots. Whale- and bird watching or hiking to a waterfall.

Vehicle Types

Motor Home 2 HEL


Motor Home 4 SIF


All our vehicles are built for at least 4 persons. The size is similar to a regular Motor Home but the vehicle is not as wide.

We do not guarantee a specific model. The layout below is only an example - Camper Iceland does only guarantee the number of seats and sleeping places not a specific layout for each vehicle category.



We have two different models as you can see below. We do not guarantee a specific model. The layouts below are only examples - Camper Iceland does only guarantee the number of seats and sleeping places not a specific layout for each vehicle category.

(Dimensions in cm)


Motor Home 5 FREYJA

Motor Home 6 FRIGG

In a nutshell

Our largest Motor Home, with over cab bed (alcove)

Visit Iceland in a 6 berth Motor Home.

The mandatory Camping Kit includes: bed linen, blanket, pillow and towels for each passenger; a full kitchen ware (cutlery, dishes, cups, pot, pan, bowls, etc) and 1x gas bottle.

The fuel consumption is between 9-14 l per 100km and is one of the most economical way to travel around Iceland in your own hotel on wheels.

We have over 10 years of experience with McLouis motor homes, a fact we are very proud of.

  • Seats Driver: 1
  • Additional Seats Adult or Child: 5
  • Total Seats: 6
  • Total Sleep capacity in Vehicle: 6
  • Over cab Bed 1500 X 2090
  • Bed in Dinette 1800 X 1250
  • Bunk bed 930 X 2200 X 2
  • Minimum driver age: 20
  • Minimum years of driving: 1
  • Maximum drivers age: 75
  • EU Drivers license: B (Normal Car)
  • Vehicle Year: 2015-2019
  • Power Train Front Wheel Drive
  • 4×4: NO
  • Engine Size L: 2.3
  • Transmission type: Manual
  • Engine Type (Petrol or Diesel): Diesel
  • Fuel consumption (Litres per 100KM): 9-14
  • Exterior vehicle dimensions (L) (W) (H) 6990x2350x3050
  • Interior height in metres 2.09
  • Heating in the drivers cab: YES
  • Heating in the main cab: YES
  • Air conditioning in the drivers cab: NO
  • Air conditioning in the main cab: NO
  • Sink: YES
  • Built in Fridge: YES
  • Optional Cooler/Fridge: YES
  • Cooktop (Type and number of burners) Stove, 3 Burners
  • Hot Water: YES
  • Cold Water: YES
  • Fresh water tank: 120L
  • Grey (sink) water tank: 120L
  • Black (toilet) water tank: Cassette
  • Toilette Installed: YES
  • Shower: YES
  • Radio Type: CD, RADIO, AUX, MP3
  • Cruise control: NO
  • ABS / Power brakes: YES
  • Internal access to Camper: YES
  • Bike rack: NO
  • Awning: NO
  • Fly screens: YES
  • Power Supply (220V), dock on camp site: YES
  • Power Supply 12V while driving: YES
  • Inverter from 12V to 220V while driving: Optional
  • 12V Battery Vehicle: YES
  • 12V additional Battery: YES
  • Fuel tank capacity: 70
  • Gas bottle capacity: 9 Kg
  • Second Gas Bottle: Optional



We do not guarantee a specific model. The layout below is only an example – Camper Iceland does only guarantee the number of seats and sleeping places not a specific layout for each vehicle category.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

The biggest Motor Home & 4x4 Camper rental company in Iceland

Fully licensed rental company with own Motor Home dealership

Family business since 1987 with a passion for Iceland and an incredible knowledge base

Certified and insured travel agent with customer protection

Over 8 different vehicle categories to choose from to serve your detailed need.

Our vehicles are inspected before each rental

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Things To Do on Your Trip To Iceland

Drive around Iceland

most of the hot spots are located around the island. The ring road will take you all around Iceland except for the highland and west fjords. The road is 1321 Km (825.7 miles) and if you visit the main attractions you will drive somewhere between 2200 and 2400 Km.

Visit the West Fjords

Are you repeating customer or do you want to start at the other end than others? The west fjords are worth a visit. Remote fjords, beaches and the wild life is spectacular. Visit the most western point of Europe while watching the puffins.

Visit the peninsula Snæfellsnes

The peninsula is 90 km long and promises a world of diversity. Small towns and villages, beautiful mountains, a quantity of bird species nesting on cliffs, beaches of sand. The peninsula is popular among horsemen and rock skimmers. It’s also a place that most miss out because its not on the ring road.


The original Geyser (Geysir) sits right here in Iceland. It is known to be the first geyser described in a printed source and hence its name has been used worldwide. Its smaller brother Strokkur is the largest geyser in Iceland just a few meters next to Geysir.


Many customers plan to stay in this area for several nights. My stands for a small fly but don’t worry it can’t bite. Vatns stands for water or lake. This volcanic lake has a blue lagoon style nature bath. Several mountains and hot-spring areas are around this place.


Also known for the famous waterfall Svartifoss. This is one of our favorite national parks with a huge camp site. Trails lead to several sights such as Kristínartindar Mountain. The previously mentioned water fall is known for its basal columns.


Hold your horses, you have found the most powerful waterfall of Europe. It drops 44 meters and the average flow is 193 m³/s (6,816 cu ft/s). It is said that during the ice age the waterfall was even mightier and reached up to the walls that point it towards its direction today.


The name can be translated as the “gods waterfalls” and is located in the Bárðardalur district of Northeastern Iceland. For us it is the most beautiful waterfalls because there is something magical about this place. It is over 30 meters wide and falls approximately 12 meters down into a river.

Blue Lagoon

Visit the Geothermal spa and its outdoor lagoon. The water is said to have healing powers especially for the skin. The mineral rich lava field will take you to another dimension just like watching lord of the rings. The spa has a restaurant and a take away bistro. Inside the lagoon itself you can get a drink and float in the water.


Visit the oldest parliament of the worlds. The vikings rode their horses for days to visit this place and make decisions. Almannagjá can be found here along with the beautiful lake Þingvallavatn.


One of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. Yes, the one that you have seen on pictures with a rainbow over it. It has several drops but mainly there are two. The height is approx. 30 meters and during rainy days it becomes one of the largest volume falls in Europe.


The glacier lagoon that will take your breath away. The water is so blue and the icebergs that float down stream are absolutely astonishing. If you want you can book a tour that takes you onto the water.


Watch one of the most beautiful water falls in the world while it drops 60 meters. Wait, it gets better… you can walk behind it.


Close to Seljalandsfoss you will find another astonishing water fall. It has a much larger width of 25 meters.


Reachable with our 4×4 Camper categories only! This is one of the most beautiful places in the highlands. It is located in the Fjallabak Nature reserve. It is said that it was formed during a huge volcanic eruption in late fourteen hundreds. Hiking paths, golden mountains and an own geothermal hot pot are some attractions around this magical place.


Welcome to the basalt sea stacks ever so famous from almost every brochure or video of Iceland. The sea stacks are located in Vík í Mýrdal next to the beach called Reynisfjara. The beach is 180 kilometers from our capital Reykjavik and has been ranked as one of the most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world.


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