This is a brand new Picture just taken minutes ago, source RUV:

Picture taken by us, from the main road (Keilir is on the left, the cloud on the right is the volcano):

In Iceland everybody seems calm about the new volcano. People are stopping to take pictures of the gas cloud that is visible from Reykjavik and all the way to Keflavik.


The government is asking people not to walk to the volcano right now. They are figuring out the best and safest way as we speak. Unfortunately, it seems our DNA wants us to run to the Volcano instead of away from it. Our advice is to stay calm or book a helicopter tour. The police has closed all roads near the volcano and are trying to prevent people from getting to it. However, there are already pictures of people walking over the old lava field to get to it.

How is the situation

25 Minutes ago we watched the Icelandic news and they are saying that the beginning of this volcano is approximately 10x bigger than the last ones in that area. It is already 900 Meter (2953 feet) long and far more gas is coming from it than the last volcano. The local specialists say that normally the volcano is biggest in the beginning and then fades. So they do not know if it will get bigger or smaller in the next hours or days.


ISAVIA states that all flights continue normally. It is only forbidden to fly 1 Mile near the volcano, probably so that local authorities can fly there.