Tourists already checking the area

The earthquakes started on the Reykjanes Peninsula last Tuesday. Over three thousand earthquakes have been recorded since then. Local news report that a SMS system has been installed to warn people if something happens. At the same time the local news show tourists that are checking the area and obviously very excited.

Geologists believe there is an increasing likelihood of a volcanic eruption.

What happened this night

About 650 earthquakes have been recorded in the whole country since midnight, of which 550 in Reykjanes. No one has measured over four in size (richter scale), but more than ten have been over three in size. The biggest one was 3.8 points. There has also been an increase in earthquakes on the Reykjanes ridge, or at Reykjanestá, where around 50 earthquakes have been recorded.

What happens next

We think that nature will decide what happens next. All we can do is follow the activities, stay alert and be cautious when going near the area in question.