Zero risk,

maximum benefit

You, our dearest customers, asked for a 4×4 category that would combine the luxury of the largest category 4×4 CAMPER ODIN with the economic features of the 4×4 CAMPER THOR. Our customers asked for a THOR with a warm water system, built in toilet and an automatic transmission. Especially our European customers asked for these features without the need of a C1 driver’s license like you need when booking the ODIN. With our new product you can maximize the benefit of comfort during the trip and add zero risk. 


  • Based on an economic Pickup such as the ISUZU D-MAX or similar
  • Built in toilet
  • Warm water system
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Normal driver’s license (European B)


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To get more information about the new product and 4×4 camping in Iceland, please visit the product page. 

You need it

Renting a camper is the most flexible way to travel around Iceland. You unpack your luggage once and check in once, and the rest of the trip is recovering from the daily stress by enjoying Iceland at it’s most. Let’s say you want to stay at a nice place and watch natures pearls. With the 4×4 Camper there is no stress or hustle to find the next accommodation and check in at some reception. You just stay and enjoy, perhaps prepare a hot coffee or even take a power nap. 

Would you believe that you can actually save money during the trip? Our customers report that shopping at the supermarkets is by far cheaper than eating at restaurants all the time. At the same time, it does not mean that you can’t dine out. 

Last but not least, the camper allows you to change the trip after consulting the weather forecast or the state you are in. Maximum freedom – Camper Iceland.