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Dear Friends of Camper Iceland We have had the craziest two years since we started! As many of you know our fleet reached over 180 vehicles during the "boom". Would you believe that we sold 150 vehicles since COVID-19? Not to worry, we also bought newer vehicles....

Volcano will erupt

Now hear this, now hear this! Víðir Reyn­is­son, chief of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management just stated that the volcano may in fact erupt within minutes or hours. There is no proof yet, however all signs are there that this will in fact be...

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Are you interested in another story then COVID-19? How about a volcano? Have you heard about the earthquakes in Iceland? It started a few days ago and continues to be a very interesting topic. We are reaching out because we have customers and friends that wanted to...

Travel Story – 2021 Part TWO

The day the earth stood still If you read part one of my travel story you are wondering if I managed to get the PCR test 24h before boarding the SAS airplane. Yes, I did, hence I prepared for the big day. On my way to the airport, I was skeptical because normally the...

Travel Story – 2021 Part ONE

Traveling by air - from Switzerland to Denmark and from Denmark to Iceland Why is this guy traveling to Iceland for the third time since COVID-19? Is he trying to prove that it’s possible? How do you get there? What’s the difference between an antibody test, antigen...


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