The perfect way of freedom, comfort and flexibility for 6 persons
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Motor Home for 6 passengers

It does not get any bigger than this and still you can drive it with the normal drivers license B.

Love at first sight! It just got a lot harder to make the wrong decision how to travel around Iceland.

Follow the good weather rather than a pre booked hotel schedule. Stay a day longer at a place that you want to see and love. Drink a coffee at a site and glaze out the window without the hassle of having to search for the next accommodation and the check in policy. Unpack your bag but once during the whole trip and even leave the luggage at our rental station. Buy food at the local super markets and save money. Dine out if you feel like it.

It’s yours for the taking. Visit Iceland, the land of Vikings and get inspired by nature. Take a swim each day and relax your muscles in the hot pot that you find in every swimming pool. After the trip you will have memories of an adventure and the relaxed body to go back to daily business.

Travel Tips

We have put together a few tips to make your planning easier. Our oldest brand dates back to 1987, hence the data is quite reliable. The Ring Road might seem short but if all the hot spots are visited the average KM are 2300 Km. The recommended travel time for the Ring Road is min. 12 days. If you include the Westfjords you must add at least 7 days.

Ring Road KM

Roundtrip KM

Incl. Westfjords KM

Average Rental

 Have a nice trip

We would like to welcome you on our Web page, and we hope that we can inspire you to rent this wonderful Motor Home. Our online booking system takes you through the booking steps giving you all information about the price, insurance and available extra. Once you have booked the vehicle you can always access the booking system again to upgrade the insurance or to add extras. The pre-checking feature can be accessed comfortably from your home to add all missing information about yourself and your extra driver. Finishing the per-checkin can save up to 30 minutes in Iceland and during the pick up procedure. If you have already booked this vehicle we wish you a pleasant preparation and a lot of anticipation. Don’t forget to watch our videos to learn how to drive in Iceland and how to use your vehicle. Our guide to Iceland gives you all answers about planing your trip to Iceland, where to camp etc.

This popular Motor Home category features the same wonderful equipment like all our Motor Homes. A comfortable bed, a heating system for cold nights, hot water boiler, cook top, refrigerator and much more (see specifications). It is perfect for up to six persons that want to travel around Iceland and see the beautiful sites. The mandatory Camping Kit includes everything you need to sleep (bedding, pillow, covers etc.) and everything you need in the kitchen (pot, pan, cutlery, plates etc.). In our guide to Iceland section you find all information about where to shop for groceries. Camper Iceland has already filled up your water tank with pure Icelandic water. A water so pure that you do not need to buy bottled water during your whole trip if you do not want to. The tab water has the same quality and is drinkable everywhere in Iceland. We recommend bringing a water bottle with you for multiple use.

In case you are wondering how to get to Iceland, you can send us an email and we are happy to assist you for your upcoming trip with Camper Iceland. Our online booking system shows you our best offers directly online. Before leaving the airport  make sure to buy all the duty-free products you need for your trip. Our way finder section can be accessed at anytime in case you have forgotten to memorize something or need guidance what to do next.

Welcome to Iceland

Iceland is one of the safest country in the world, it is so safe that we do not even have mosquito (please stop laughing, this is really true). Breath in the fresh Icelandic air and enjoy the moment you have been waiting for. Yell out “Finally on vacation” and imagine all the nice sites you will visit. Whale watching, puffins, geyser and the most beautiful waterfalls are waiting for you. Depending on the time of the year you will get a light show where the skies will open like windows, the weather can change within minutes, rainbows appear now and then or you can watch as the Northern Lights dance in the skies. Perhaps you will see a troll or elf and become a believer like 40% of the Icelandic population. Before it can start it is time to visit our rental station where our friendly staff is waiting for you. Please enter our rental station and feel at home after all we are a family business and you are now part of it.

Once you arrive at our rental station you freshly cleaned and inspected vehicle awaits your arrival. We hope you do not have to wait in line and find your stay in our rental station comfortable. A comfy sofa and a coffee machine can be accessed if you want to relax and read about Iceland in our for free brochure “Around Iceland” or Áning. The friendly reception staff will check if all information is correctly entered in our system and print out the vehicle contract if needed. If you have any questions in regard to insurance or extras you can always ask our staff and at this point add something. After all we do not want you to leave our premises without having everything you need. You will receive all your booked extras and the key to your vehicle. Before leaving the rental station you can ask all the questions you have and check if you have everything you need for your dream vacation. In case you need an extra pillow on want to leave something behind that you do not need we are at your service. One more benefit of renting a Motor home or Camper is that you only have to unpack your bags once. If you want you can leave your baggage at our rental station. On your way out the door please check out our “for free” table. You can find all kinds of good things the previous renters have left such as food or equipment. We try to be a “no food waste and a no littering” company.

When compared to a daily hotel check in and check out procedure you are saving a lot of time when renting a Motor Home. Even though the pick up procedure can take up to an hour. Next to saving time you can save a lot of money on food because you get to go to the supermarket and are able to cook yourself. Don’t forget to visit Iceland’s Restaurants now and then, after all you are on vacation. Our vegvísir (way finder) section gives you information about close by shops, supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants.

We do not guarantee a specific model. The layout below is only an example – Camper Iceland does only guarantee the number of seats and sleeping places not a specific layout for each vehicle category.


Vehicle Details

Here are some important facts about the vehicle



  • Seats Driver: 1
  • Additional Seats Adult or Child: 5
  • Total Seats: 6
  • Total Sleep capacity in Vehicle: 6
  • Over cab Bed 1500 X 2090; Bed in Dinette 1800 X 1250, Bunk bed 930 X 2200 X 2
  • Minimum driver age: 20
  • Minimum years of driving: 1
  • Maximum drivers age: 75
  • EU Drivers license: B (Normal Car)
  • Vehicle Year: 2015-2019
  • Power Train Front Wheel Drive
  • 4×4: NO
  • Engine Size L: 2.3



    • Transmission type: Manual
    • Engine Type (Petrol or Diesel): Diesel
    • Fuel consumption (Litres per 100KM): 9-14
    • Exterior vehicle dimensions (L) (W) (H) 6990x2350x3050
    • Interior height in meters 2.09
    • Heating in the drivers cab: YES
    • Heating in the main cab: YES
    • Air conditioning in the drivers cab: NO
    • Air conditioning in the main cab: NO
    • Sink: YES
    • Built in Fridge: YES
    • Optional Cooler/Fridge: YES
    • Cook top (Type and number of burners) Stove, 3 Burners
    • Hot Water: YES
    • Cold Water: YES
    • Fresh water tank: 120L
    • Grey (sink) water tank: 120L


  • Black (toilet) water tank: Cassette
  • Toilette Installed: YES
  • Shower: YES
  • Radio Type: CD, RADIO, AUX, MP3
  • Cruise control: NO
  • ABS / Power brakes: YES
  • Internal access to Camper: YES
  • Bike rack: NO
  • Awning: NO
  • Fly screens: YES
  • Power Supply (220V), dock on camp site: YES
  • Power Supply 12V while driving: YES
  • Inverter from 12V to 220V while driving: Optional
  • 12V Battery Vehicle: YES
  • 12V additional Battery: YES
  • Fuel tank capacity: 70

Our Tips & Tricks For Traveling

  • Travelling with a Motor Home saves you a lot of money because you can shop in the super market instead of the restaurant.
  • Book in advance to get the early bird discount.
  • Book inside our opening hours (10:00 – 16:00) and save the after hour fee.
  • We assist you in finding an accommodation if needed.
  • Check our Flight rates to compare the rates.
  • Book all extras in advance to save time on spot.
  • After booking with us we provide more tips for preparing for Iceland and all the way until returning home.

This is Camper Iceland

1. Book and receive Information

As soon as you have booked your vehicle we send you detailed information on how to prepare for the trip and how to get to our rental station. It is important for us that you know where to go after you land in Iceland.

2. Family business

our Sales office and our rental station is operated by family members. In addition, we have handpicked delightful members to our team.

3. Customer Satisfaction

the most precious time in the year are holidays and vacations. We want you to enjoy our country and our product and are glad to assist.

Vehicle Gallery

Have a look at this wonderful vehicle and picture yourself travelling around iceland in it.

Official dealer since 2009

We are the official McLouis, Elnagh and Mobilvetta dealer for Iceland. For over a decade we have worked close with the production company to provide suitable vehicles for the Icelandic conditions. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to several reasons such as production changes, short term adding of vehicles, renewal of the fleet etc.

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