Are you interested in another story then COVID-19? How about a volcano?

Have you heard about the earthquakes in Iceland? It started a few days ago and continues to be a very interesting topic. We are reaching out because we have customers and friends that wanted to see a volcano erupt. Although there is no guarantee that there will be an eruption the signs are already there.

At first, we read that these will only be earthquakes and there was no sign of an eruption. Some local folks believe to have dreamt about or seen a new mountain rise near Keilir. So what is the status? Here are the newest information:

En earthquake (4,2 Richter Scale) was measured 05:35 this morning local Icelandic time. Over 600 earthquakes have been measured since midnight and over 12000 since the earthquakes started a few days ago. Both the southwest corner of Iceland til Hella in the south noticed the earthquake. Even in the Vestmanneyjar the earthquakes were notices.

Specialists believe now that an eruption is more likely than before. Last week eruptions were deemed unlikely. However, new facts that base on satellite images seem to show that some kind of movement is already happening. In the local television broadcast specialists stated that a hole of 1-2 meters is already visible. The magma could flow up from 12km deep and all the way up to the surface. The history has shown that eruptions in this area have been unharmful to men. The university made a drawing of where the magma would flow if there would be an eruption (not saying that there is going to be one). The magma has flown in average 5 Km and the longest known to men is approx. 12Km. The map shows that the magma would flow down towards Vogar, over the road Reykjanesbraut and to the ocean somewhere between Vogar and Hafnarfjörður. One of the specialists states and we quote: “If there will be an eruption, this would be the best place”.

For our “friends of volcanoes” we wish that if there will be an eruption it will be similar to the one at Fimmvörðuháls. At least we are excited to see what happens next. If that was the case we could actually go there and see it.

Stay tuned!


PS: In case the eruption starts there is already a webcam in place: