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Green, deep and with waterfalls falling down steep slopes. Is it possible to ask for a more spectacular gorge to explore? If the answer is no, on your way around Southeast Iceland stop at Múlagljúfur to see natural beauty that you may not have experienced before.

Múlagljúfur reaches the long way up to Vatnajökull and is located between the landslides of Hrútárjökull to the east which breaks down into Fjallsárlón and Kvíárjökull to the west. It only takes about 10 minutes to drive from Múlagljúfur to Jökulsárlón.

It can be a bit complicated to find the path that runs from highway 1 to the beginning of the hiking trail, but it is between the town of Kvísker and the branch off to the service center by Fjallsárlón and can be seen well on

Once the trail is over, and it is accessible to all cars, it takes 40-50 minutes to walk up the ravine to the west. It is ideal to have the first stop on the way as the waterfall Hangandifoss falls down the steep eastern slope of the gorge. Ideal to snap a few pictures and capture the beauty, the view. Above, the steeper part of the route takes over and then the rugged landscape that the gorge and its surroundings are known for becomes clearer. At the bottom of the gorge is Múlafoss, which lies under a steep slope and is in fact the last waterfall in a series of waterfalls that lie a long way up to the snow line.

It is comfortable and easy to experience Múlagljúfur. The walk is not demanding, and the view that is offered when you get up is such that the person who writes this comes by countless times a year to experience the gorge and the surrounding area.

source Morgunbladid, local icelandic Newspaper