Price for border screening decreases

We informed earlier that since the 15th of June everybody that visits Iceland has to choose between being tested for COVID-19 or to go to quarantine for two weeks. In our opinion the test makes more sense as it takes place right before entering our beautiful country. Yesterday the Icelandic government informed that the COVID-19 test at the border will not cost 15.000 ISK (96 EUR) but only 9.000 ISK (58 EUR). The official reason is that the testing has proven more cost-efficient than expected, due to higher testing capacity.

Here are some interesting facts since the testing begun on the 15th of June 2020:

Number of swabs: 1365
COVID-19 positive samples: 1

As of 15 June, 12.471 individuals have undergone COVID-19 screening at Iceland’s borders. Thereof, four have been diagnosed as infectious. Today, there are 12 people with active infection in Iceland, and they are all in isolation.