A journey to the West

February 2021
Visit Iceland

People ask me if the Icelandic sites are empty. Today we visited the west of Iceland and drove all the way to Langjökull. The most famous sites on the way would probably be Deildartúnguhver and Hraun- og Barnafossar. To tell you the truth we were the only ones there. For me, it feels like back in the old days when I was a kid. Beeing born 1977 I remember Iceland when seeing a tourist would be more astonishing than seeing northern lights. It sort of feels like that right now!

We decided to make a short video to show you how it looks right now. If you are in a lockdown or cannot travel maybe you can watch the video and remember when you were there. 

Trip Video

Have fun watching our video and stay save..

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We keep you updated on things. Read about how to travel to Iceland and how others are doing it. 

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