Dear friends of Camper Iceland

The Icelandic road administration opened the road to Landmannalaugar via the Sigalda power plant. The opening of Landmannaleið will be shortened, and it is expected that it will be accessible by jeep this weekend, according to information from Magnús Ingi Jónsson at the administration.

A new highland map, published by Vegagerðin this morning, shows the areas of the highlands diagonally where driving is still prohibited. Find it here…

Even though the driving ban has been lifted, it does not mean that the road has become passable, and road users will also need to familiarize themselves with Vegagerðin’s (road administration) traffic maps, if they plan on traveling in the highlands.

Kjalvegur was the first major highland route to open this summer, but Kjölur became available on 10 June. Kaldadalsvegur was later on the trip but it opened on 13 June. However, a considerable amount of snow is still on Sprengisandsleið and it is not expected to open until after the end of the month, according to Magnús Ingi.

Both Fjallabak roads are still impassable. However, part of the Fjallabaksleið north of Skaftártunga and up to Eldgjá has been opened. However, there will be a minimum wait of three weeks for the road to open between Landmannalaugar and Eldgjár, where the bridge over Jökulgilskvísl will be damaged.

There is a lot of snow on Mælisfellssandur and Fjallabaksleið syðri is not expected to open until after the end of the month. However, Emstruleið from Fljótshlíð, road F261, is expected to be available this weekend.

In Skaftárhreppur, Lakaleið to Fagrafoss has been opened and it is hoped that the route to Lakagígar will open after the weekend.